CEO Dr Mark Rowe, EdD - Welcome Address


CEO and Chair Reports

CEO and Chair Reports

Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change. —Richard Branson

It is with significant pride that, in writing the 2021 Annual Report, I reflect upon the continual support that the organisation has and continues to receive from its community stakeholders, practices, supervisors and our registrars. In the absence of that support we would not have been able to sustain our high-quality training and educational program...

Dr Mark Rowe EdD, CEO

Chair’s Overview Of 2021

Chair, EV Board, Mr Neil Greenaway

Reflections on 2021

CEO, Dr Mark Rowe, EdD

Our Achievements

2021 at a glance




Registrars in

AGPT Selection
2022 Cohort

2021 Highlights

  • Implemented the Future Models of Training Pilot
  • Released Rural Plan (Gippsland)
  • Reviewed and undertook redevelopment of Practice Support Portfolio
  • Improved targeting of rural practice and post recruitment to ensure capacity meets community need
  • Continuous improvement and refinement of online delivery systems
  • 10% increase in EV registrars achieving Fellowship in GP Colleges
  • Continued to exceed national average results in College Fellowship exams
  • Successful 2022 AGPT recruitment
  • Recruited 8 new practices
  • Accredited 74 new supervisors
  • Achieved above national average results in National Supervisor Survey
  • Held 2 virtual Supervisor Residential workshops
  • Introduced an Aboriginal Health Award to our annual Awards Program
  • Delivered the new RACGP PEP Specialist Stream
  • Developed Cultural Awareness Module for Supervisors
  • Delivered 2 supervisor projects (curriculum and framework) to RACGP on time and within budget
  • Further developed the #OpportunityGippsland rural marketing campaign

2016-2021 Metrics

Briefing Paper and Region Snapshot

Briefing Paper and Region Snapshot

This paper outlines the work done from 2016 to 2021 to support our vision. Included in the paper are details about our training region, AGPT recruitment, registrar and supervisor satisfaction, exam outcomes, partnerships and more.

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The infographic is a summary of our achievements during 2016-2021 outlined in the Briefing Paper.

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Strategic Directions 2019-2021

Strategic Directions 2019-2021

EV Board Directors

See Director profiles by clicking on their image.

Mr Neil Greenaway

Dr Laura Chen

Dr Letitia Clark

Dr Grant Connoley

Dr Sanka Dias

Dr Tilak

Dr Fred Edwards

Dr John Furler

Dr Nola Maxfield

Ms Lea Pope

Ms Sophie Valkan


Medical Education

EV’s Medical Education and Training Directors are:

Professor Neil Spike AM, Director of Medical Education and Training

Dr Carolyn O’Shea, Deputy Director of Medical Education and Training – General Pathway

Dr Elisabeth Wearne, Deputy Director of Medical Education and Training – Rural Pathways

It’s déjà vu all over again - Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra

This quote is attributed to Yogi Berra, the famous Yankees baseball coach, after Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle hit back-to-back home runs in an MLB game in 1961. 2021 seemed like 2020 all over again, with COVID once more hitting us over the fence.

But 2021 was more than living and working with the pandemic. The transition to College-led training was looming large on the horizon, even if it was not becoming clearer in focus due to limited detail available. Despite the escalating number of meetings with RACGP and ACRRM and the resulting tasks, the medical education team continued to focus on what it does best - deliver a quality training program for registrars and provide support to our training practices...

Professor Neil Spike AM, Director of Medical Education & Training

Dr. Neil Spike

Professor Neil Spike AM
Director of Medical Education & Training
Medical Education Overview

Dr Kate McCabe-Simon

Dr Kate McCabe-Simon
GP Registrar

EV education during COVID

Dr Nish Nayer

Dr Nish Nayar
GP Registrar

EV’s education delivery in 2021

Dr Julie McClellan

Dr Julie McClellan
Medical Educator

Responding to registrar needs

Dr Brad Wittmer
GP Registrar

Optimising training opportunities

Practice Experience
Program (PEP)

This year saw our first PEP participant who completed the program with EV complete the RACGP examination requirements and was awarded Fellowship. A proud time for all involved.

2021 was a stable and consolidating year for PEP. The program requirements did not undergo further changes following the redesign in late 2020. 2021 saw the introduction of the PEP Specialist Pathway in addition to the PEP Standard Pathway. Whilst the numbers in this pathway are still small, there are unique elements to this abbreviated program that require upskilling of MEs, and numbers are expected to rise in 2022.

With increasing numbers from the quarterly intakes in the Standard Pathway during 2021, program extensions provided by RACGP and a few ME resignations, EV’s capacity to continue supporting our participants was challenged. Additional resourcing was required, and we were fortunate to have Marina Kladaric join the program and provide support to Melanie Khan, PEP Admin Coordinator. The employment of five new part-time MEs in the second half of 2021 enabled us to meet contractual requirements and our engagement with the participants. The ME team is a diverse, enthusiastic, compassionate and deeply committed group who are now spread across our geographic footprint and not solely metropolitan based.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to all for another successful year.

Professor Neil Spike AM
Medical Coordinator PEP


During 2021, EV completed work on two important research projects – Developing a GP Supervisor Curriculum and Developing a GP Supervision Framework. The RACGP is now looking to apply this framework and curriculum for a national GP supervisor program. Another significant project – Developing a Cultural Safety Framework for GP Supervisor Professional Development completed two modules in 2021 with a further two modules for completion in 2022.

One EV registrar undertook an academic post in 2021 with a further five EV registrars accepted for academic posts in 2022. EV continued to support MEs in their pursuit of professional development that increased expertise and skills available to the organisation. Drs Elisabeth Wearne and Niroshe Amarasekera completed their Master of Clinical Education. Congratulations to both of them.

Dr. Neil Spike

Professor Neil Spike AM
Director of Medical Education & Training

Research in 2021

2021 Publications

Bearman M, Dracup M, Garth B, Johnson C and Wearne E. Learning to recognise what good practice looks like: how general practice trainees develop evaluative judgement. Advances in Health Sciences Education: Theory and Practice. 2021 Dec 2: online ahead of print. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10459-021-10086-3
Cherry MD, Tapley A, Quain D, Holliday EG, Ball J, Davey A, van Driel ML, Fielding A, Spike N, FitzGerald K and Magin P. Antibiotic prescribing patterns of general practice registrars for infective conjunctivitis: a cross-sectional analysis. Journal of Primary Health Care. 2021 Mar; 13(1): 5-14. https://doi.org/10.1071/HC20040.
Davey A, Tapley A, Mulquiney KJ, van Driel M, Fielding A, Holliday E, Davis JS, Glasziou P, Dallas A, Ball J, Spike N, FitzGerald K and Magin P. Immediate and delayed antibiotic prescribing strategies used by Australian early-career GPs: a cross-sectional analysis. British Journal of General Practice. 2021 Jun 4: online ahead of print. https://doi.org/10.3399/BJGP.2021.0026.
Ledger J, Tapley A, Levi C, Davey A, van Driel M, Holliday EG, Ball J, Fielding A, Spike N, FitzGerald K and Magin P. Specificity of early-career general practitioners’ problem formulations in patients presenting with dizziness: a cross-sectional analysis. Family Medicine and Community Health. 2021 Dec 24: online ahead of print. https://doi.org/10.1136/fmch-2021-001087
Magin P, Quain D, Tapley A, van Driel M, Davey A, Holliday E, Ball J, Kaniah A, Turner R, Spike N, FitzGerald K and Hilmer S. Deprescribing in older patients by early-career general practitioners: Prevalence and associations. International Journal of Clinical Practice. 2021 Aug; 75(8): e14325. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ijcp.14325
Magin P, Tapley A, Cooke G, Wearne S, Holliday E, Morgan S, Ball J, Spike N, and van Driel M. General practice registrars’ clinical uncertainty, and in-consultation information- and assistance-seeking. Health Education in Practice: Journal of Research for Professional Learning. 2021; 4(1).
Mitchell EKL and D’Amore A. Recent trends in health assessments for older Australians. Australian Journal of Primary Health. 2021 Jun; 27(3): 208-214. https://doi.org/10.1071/PY20283.
Mitchell EKL and D’Amore A. Experienced general practitioners’ and practice nurses’ views on the older-person health assessment forms. Australian Health Review. 2021 Jun 24: online ahead of print. https://doi.org/10.1071/AH20343.
Nawaz S, Tapley A, Davey AR, van Driel ML, Fielding A, Holliday EG, Ball J, Patsan I, Berrigan A, Morgan S, Spike NA, FitzGerald K, Magin P. Management of a Chronic Skin Disease in Primary Care: An Analysis of Early-Career General Practitioners’ Consultations Involving Psoriasis. Dermatology Practical & Conceptual. 2021 May 20; 11(3): e2021055. https://doi.org/10.5826/dpc.1103a55.
Ramisetty SR, D’Amore A, Chantler R, Greacen J, Campbell D and Mitchell EKL. What is learned from an Australian older person health assessment? Australian Health Review. 2021 Aug; 45(4): 491-496. https://doi.org/10.1071/AH20064.
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Willems A, Tapley A, Fielding A, Tng V, Holliday EG, van Driel ML, Ball JI, Davey AR, FitzGerald K, Spike NA and Magin PJ. General Practice Registrars’ Management of and Specialist Referral Patterns for Atopic Dermatitis. Dermatology Practical & Conceptual. 2021 Jun; 11(1): e2021118. https://doi.org/10.5826/dpc.1101a118.
Willems A, Tapley A, Fielding A, Tng V, Holliday EG, van Driel ML, Ball JI, Davey AR, FitzGerald K, Spike NA and Magin PJ. Prevalence and Associations of General Practice Registrars’ Management of Atopic Dermatitis: A Cross-Sectional Analysis from the Registrar Clinical Encounters in Training Study. Dermatology Practical & Conceptual. 2021 Sep; 11(4): e2021118. https://doi.org/10.5826/dpc.1104a128


Supporting Registrars

Supporting Registrars

EV has always prided itself in its support of registrars in our program. We are particularly proud of our achievements in these challenging times.

Our Approach

Supporting registrars is a key part of all roles at EV. Registrars have a Medical Educator who is their Training Advisor and provides support, advice and feedback. The one to one relationship they can develop, with the additional element of doing the ECT visit for the General Pathway registrars, allows for an individual understanding of each registrar and their needs, and fostering...

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Program Support Teams

Any discussion about supporting registrars, needs to highlight and acknowledge the invaluable role the Program Support Team, particularly the Registrar Support Officers, do every day. The teams are led by Bianca Vardanega Manager General Pathway Training and Val Treneman Manager Rural Pathway Training...

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Fellowship Exam Support

Exams are an understandable focus for registrars as they work towards their goal of Fellowship. For registrars on the RACGP program EV offers region wide mock written exams, and mock clinical exams for each region. For registrars who are unsuccessful at their initial attempts, the Registrar Support and Progress team work with them to develop an individualised plan...

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Registrar Feedback

Dr Belinda Hosking, Medical Educator, reflects on themes from the many end of training interviews she has done with registrars.

"Variety of experiences, working in practices, interactions with supervisors, workshops and interaction with other registrars and medical educators."

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Registrars supported to sit exams and assessments in Gippsland

EV have been working with both Colleges to enable rural pathway registrars access to sit exams and assessments locally. Registrars have had the opportunity to sit the paper-based RACGP AKT and KFP exams or ACRRM’s online MCQ and CGT StAMPS assessments at the Churchill office during 2021. EV Program Support staff, Leanne Renshaw and Belinda Giles, ensured all COVID-19 restrictions were adhered to and undertook invigilation of the exams and assessments as required...

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Dr Karen Freilich

Dr Kate McCabe-Simon
GP Registrar

Well supported during training
Dr Karen Freilich

Dr Karen Freilich
GP Registrar

Support and connections in training
Dr Nish Nayer

Dr Nish Nayar
GP Registrar

Acknowledging EV Program Support Staff

Supporting Practices

EV Practice Support and Development Team

In 2021, EV established the Practice Support and Development Portfolio, which is led by Dr Niroshe Amarasekera, a GP Supervisor and Medical Educator with EV. Niroshe and her team have provided feedback, guidance and support for training practices and staff. The Portfolio has expanded the Supervisor and Practice Manager Mentor Program and continues to work closely with the SLOs with the aim of providing positive learning environments for registrars. The PSD team works closely with the Accreditation team with both having clearer defined roles relating to support and decision-making.

How we support our practices

The Practice Support and Development Team provide support to all of our EV training posts in the following ways:

  • Mentor Program for new training practices, new supervisors and practice managers
  • Orientation and induction for new practices...
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New Practice Mentor Program

Due to overwhelmingly positive feedback from mentors and mentees in the 2021 pilot program, EV will continue to support the new Practice Mentoring Program in 2022. This is to support practices that are new to the training program and is for both supervisors and practice managers for the first 6 months of having a registrar...

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Practice Support Feedback Program

In the latter part of 2021, the Practice Support and Development (PSD) team, has started to roll out the Practice Support Feedback Program. This is to provide practices with aggregate feedback on supervision, teaching, orientation, practice culture, feedback and approachability...

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EV Supervisor Satisfaction

EV supervisors rated EV above the national average in the 2021 GPSA Survey.

Practice Promotion

EV further developed the promotion of accredited training practices through an enhanced digital platform. The site enables greater filtering of criteria and allows registrars the ability to see the diverse range of practices on offer.

Visit our Training Post Profiles here

#Opportunity Gippsland

EV continued to promote rural general practices in our Gippsland region. In 2021, a further round of filming was undertaken and included a new promotional video, #OpportunityGippsland – A Rural Solution, to support 2022 AGPT selection.

View our #OpportunityGippsland video series here

#Opportunity Gippsland

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Health Program

The Aboriginal Health Team (AHT) had a very busy year in 2021. Cultural educators continued to make a significant contribution to the registrar workshop program, the Supervisor Professional Development program, practice manager and staff events.

We successfully delivered on a research project for the Department of Health which included the development of a Cultural Safety Framework, development, test and launch of an online Cultural Awareness module and delivery of cultural safety to senior leaders, including Board Directors and medical educators.


EV is planning to promote elements of the research project achieved during the year to key partners and peak bodies in 2022. These are the Cultural Safety Framework document, the Cultural Awareness online module and the Cultural Safety workshop curriculum – making these accessible nationally.

In relation to the Cultural Awareness module, the evaluation report of the research project prepared by EV’s Research Manager, Dr Angelo D’Amore, concluded the following:

“The participants’ engagement, experiences and feelings toward the module was overall positive, with the most common comments related to the module being engaging, interesting and informative.”

The feedback from the Cultural Safety sessions, delivered via webinar three times during the year, was similarly positively received with participants noting many intended actions as a result of the training.

The AHT has secured additional funding to develop two more modules to complete the suite of four modules as recommended by the research.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Aligning with EV’s contract extension with the Department of Health was our successful negotiation with Reconciliation Australia to extend our Reconciliation Action Plan into 2022.

As at the end of the year the status of our 70 RAP actions showed 63 complete.  Four items were unable to be attained due to COVID restrictions, another was an organisational decision not to action and two have been carried over to 2022.

Registrar Placements in Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS)

In 2021, there was a 7% decrease in the number of FTE weeks delivered compared to the 2020 training year. This came about when one of our long-standing GP training posts was unable to host a registrar in Semester 2 due to key personnel changes and medical officer retention matters.

Inaugural Aboriginal Health Award

In 2021, EV introduced an ‘Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal Health’ category in its annual Awards program with Registrar Dr Sophie Lindstedt the inaugural winner. Sophie worked part-time at Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Cooperative in Bairnsdale and was well liked by staff and patients alike. Sophie’s colleagues nominated her for this award.

See more about Sophie’s award in the 2021 EV Awards section, of this report.

National Reconciliation Week

During National Reconciliation Week we launched our new Racial Discrimination Policy, part of our Board Governance suite of policies. In addition, we partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission to adopt the “Racism. It stops with me.” campaign.

Dr Elisabeth Wearne
Deputy Director of Medical Education & Training – Rural Pathways

Aboriginal Health at EV

Rural Training

During 2021, our team in Gippsland continued to operate in a complex and ever changing environment. EV partnered with many local organisations on various programs and initiatives, continuing to make a significant contribution to the GP pipeline. Some of these activities are highlighted in this report.

Rural Generalist State Trainee Workshops

The ongoing impact of COVID restrictions continued into 2021 requiring all Workshops scheduled for the Rural Generalist Statewide Program to continue being co-ordinated by EV and delivered online for semester 1, 2021 for GP Obstetrics and GP Anaesthetics Trainees. Although registrars were not able to undertake the practical hands-on learning in a face to face environment, the quality of the content provided ‘virtually’ remained as all workshops...

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Rural Generalism

EV continues to promote and support ACRRM (rural generalists) and RACGP (rural pathway) registrars undertaking both extended and advanced procedural skills posts in collaboration with the Victorian Rural Generalist Program (VRGP). In 2021, EV had a number of registrars undertaking both extended and advanced skills posts in Obstetrics, Anaesthetics, Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics and Palliative Care...

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Rural Junior Doctor Training Innovation Fund (RJDTIF)

Since 2018, EV, the only RTO and one of 15 organisations nationally continued to co-ordinate the Rural Junior Doctor Training Innovation Fund (RJDTIF) offering GP rotations for Interns (PGY1) in the Gippsland Rural Intern Training Program (GRIT) and PGY2s in collaboration with Latrobe Regional Hospital and supported by the Monash Training Hub...

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Gippsland Students’ Medical Network (GSMN)

Although COVID has significantly impacted activities to support secondary school students in Gippsland with a desire to pursue a career in general practice, where able EV staff, Dr Elisabeth Wearne and Ms Julieanne McLuckie continue to meet with students and provide advice and guidance. EV also continues to collaborate with stakeholders...

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Our Rural Plan

The difficulties of appropriate provisioning of primary healthcare, particularly in relation to rural and remote communities, is a world-wide problem. Within Australia we are acutely aware of the impact that inadequate healthcare provisioning has had upon many of our most exposed communities. As demand continues to dwarf supply there exists the need to look at solutions that are more efficient, are patient rather than algorithmic centred and promote integration and cooperation rather than siloed and independent approaches.

Embracing this concept, in 2021 EV moved to a whole of region strategy. Based upon significant analysis of current and future regional need and in recognition of our own capacity, EV developed a rural plan which actively seeks to partner with other local agencies to form a collective and cooperative approach to the planning and delivery of primary healthcare services in Gippsland. For EV, this encompasses the sharing of our resources and our responsibility to lead and/or support healthcare initiatives implicit in a whole of region approach.

The plan is presented on an innovative digital platform. Visit the Rural Plan Gippsland.

Dr Karen Freilich

Dr Elisabeth Wearne
Deputy Director of Medical Education & Training
– Rural Pathways

Rural Training reflection

Dr Elisabeth Wearne
Deputy Director of Medical Education & Training
– Rural Pathways

Acknowledging practices and registrars

Dr Brad Wittmer
GP Registrar

End-to-end training in Gippsland

Dr Paul Cotton
GP Registrar

A passion for rural GP

Dr Susan Wang
GP Registrar

Explore rural GP


People and Culture

Staff at EV continued to work remotely throughout 2021. Operations and education delivery were conducted in an online environment by EV’s committed and passionate staff. The flexible virtual environment offered efficiencies for staff to stay connected and collaborate through Zoom, MS Teams and other platforms. Teams connecting and supporting one another was important throughout the year and staff attended online Professional Development sessions aimed at supporting and maintaining wellbeing in the remote working world. EV staff demonstrated true agility continuously refining their approach and adapting processes to continue to fulfil their roles to the highest standard within the changing environment.

Transition to College-led training has brought another level of change for staff to deal with. Focusing on strategies and programs to support staff through the change and elevate our readiness for change has been a key focus. Keeping staff informed and connecting regularly has and continues to be a key pillar in our approach to inform and support staff as they uphold their commitment and service to deliver a quality medical education program for registrars and support a smooth transition for the program’s continued success.

Staff at an EV Organisational Update

EV staff finding ways to connect in lockdown with a cupcake extravaganza

In the recruitment and selection space, EV is pleasingly sought after as an employer by people passionate in the field of medical education and service to the community. We are proud to have brought on passionate and talented new staff to the team as we all work together to deliver the AGPT program with our values of compassion, respect, integrity, responsibility, connectedness, creativity and innovation.

We also welcomed a new Cultural Awareness online education module to the new staff orientation program, which is available to all staff and is part of the training offered to all new staff joining EV. We are grateful to our Aboriginal Health team members for their work in bringing this important educational piece to the program as it is through education that we can become more aware of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and its importance to where we work and how we work.

As we look forward to 2022, the people and culture team are keen to work together and support all staff to move positively into the future with the opportunities that the transition to College-led training brings.

The EV Awards are now in their fourth year. In 2021, the Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal Health award was introduced. This inaugural award recognises the amazing work of those contributing to culturally safe, effective practice in Aboriginal Health.

Peers and colleagues are asked to nominate deserving supervisors, registrars and training practices and must provide information against set criterion. The entire process is overseen by the EV Awards Advisory Group, a representative group from across the organisation.

We were delighted with the high number of nominations again this year which reflect the high regard of our supervisors, registrars and practices. We congratulate all those who were nominated, and the worthy seven winners.

2021 Outstanding Contribution to
Aboriginal Health

Dr Sophie Lindstedt

Sophie’s contribution and dedication to Aboriginal health has been felt throughout a variety of rural locations. She  gained valuable insights into working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities during her placements in Katherine and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory placements which she specifically undertook to improve her knowledge. Additionally, she has sought to extend her knowledge of Aboriginal communities through working in East Gippsland. Sophie understands the importance of the social determinants of health and how they impact on patient care. Sophie has always been committed to working with Aboriginal communities in order to help close the gap. She takes the time to build effective relationships with her Aboriginal patients and balance patient priorities against their individual medical needs. Sophie’s compassionate, culturally safe, and competent manner has seen her become highly trusted and sought after within rural communities.

2021 Registrars of the Year

Rural Pathway

Dr Raaghav Sudan

Raaghav is an enthusiastic and driven registrar with a strong thirst for knowledge. He strives for quality at all times and is very keen to receive feedback and better his skills. Raaghav takes the time to assist everyone where possible  resulting in him being highly regarded and respected by colleagues and practice staff . He is a very capable, well-organised and an asset to the clinic. Furthermore, Raaghav’s compassionate and approachable manner saw him be a wonderful support for team members at difficult times, especially during the impacts of the pandemic. During COVID-19 lockdowns, Raaghav went above and beyond to contribute to his practice. He greatly contributed to the planning and implementation of strategies as well as use exceptional communication when faced with the challenge of working remotely. He represents excellence in his field and is driven to always act in a manner worthy of his profession.

General Pathway

Dr Karen Freilich

Karen is a devoted and passionate registrar committed to spreading medical education and information throughout the community. Karen is enthusiastic and eager to learn with special interests in sexual and reproductive health. Through Karen’s motivation to go above and beyond, her ability to listen, provide good medical advice, treatment and support to her patients is well appreciated and acknowledged. She builds outstanding rapport with her patients and she has an excellent reputation in the community. Karen is a valuable mentor and support to year 4 medical students on placement in the practice. Karen also provides valuable advice and experiences to the wider community through her work on the Humerus Hacks podcast and a regular segment on Sammy J’s ABC Radio Show. Karen’s medical knowledge, experience, and positive disposition have led to the segments being extremely popular.

2021 Supervisor of the Year


Dr Chris Ford

Chris has a strong dedication to his team and the wider Leongatha community. Through his natural leadership, Chris facilitates an open and supportive environment for all team members, both clinical and administrative. He enables opportunities for open discussion and two way communication, being always available to off er support and advice. Chris is highly passionate about the supervision of registrars, ensuring that they receive the best possible experience. In addition to his clinic sessions, Chris takes part in providing quality aft er hours care to members of the community. Furthermore, he is devoted to providing much needed support to the youth of the community by running the Youth Access Clinic. Chris’ commitment to being a GP in a rural community has encouraged registrars to view rural general  practice as a fulfilling, ongoing career path.

Wendy has touched the lives of many registrars, supervising more than one hundred over two decades. Wendy’s proactive approach ensures no educational opportunity is lost, and that the registrar is provided with an environment where questions and second opinions are encouraged. She is both an active educator and willing learner, dedicated to the professional growth of all. Always generous with her ti me and advice, Wendy has become an inspirational role model for many registrars and colleagues. In the 1990s she became one of the first female partners for a general practice clinic, resulting as a positive advocate for women in general practice. For over thirty years, Wendy has truly encompassed the essence of general practice; intergenerational care. She has provided exceptional care to the children of her patients, and then their children, making a valuable and important contribution to her community.


Dr Wendy Bernet

2021 Training Practice of the Year


Cunninghame Arm Medical Centre

Cunninghame Arm Medical Centre (CAMC) has devoted more than 25 years to training registrars by helping them feel part of the practice and wider East Gippsland community. They strive towards an incredibly supportive work environment where everyone works as a team and looks out for one another. CAMC regards education and supervision as a core activity and not an ‘add-on’ to normal practice activity. Registrars quickly become valued and supported members of staff . The practice develops flexible individualised learning plans for each registrar to ensure there are no gaps in their learning journey. They ensure that they are not only delivering clinical and professional supervision but also social and emotional support to registrars throughout their placement and beyond. Furthermore, the practice’s dedication to their community is exhibited through the opportunities they off er staff and registrars. The practice also encourages registrars to become involved in local sporting clubs, service clubs, and offering education activities and health services to local secondary schools.


Carnegie Medical Centre

Carnegie Medical Centre’s dedication to learning provides registrars with a holistic and supportive environment. They encourage their registrars to immerse themselves in the culture of the practice across all levels including clinical, administrative, and even social. The value that the practice puts on the workplace as the learning environment where situational learning, social learning, and work-based learning is facilitated has driven them to embrace every registrar. At the practice, learning goes both ways, as the team encourages registrars to provide feedback where possible, especially in regards to their comprehensive and practice specific Information Handbook. The practice supports the wider training environment by engaging with initiatives and programs which look at ways of improving the experience of all registrars. The local community has greatly benefitted from the incorporation of registrars through an increase in the diversity of the practice in experience, knowledge and demographics.